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Miyuki Itsumi
Recent Entries 
7th-Jul-2007 04:21 pm - ATTENTION VECTOR STAFF
Look Mr. Spatula the boss guy is my friend!

30th-Apr-2007 09:48 pm - ...
Invention Time!
Hey! What's up with everyone. I've been totally out of the loop. You guys haven't been keeping contact at all. What's up?
4th-Aug-2006 06:51 pm - Well
Invention Time!
Well, Shion's off to vacation time. I had given her the MWS Mark III, but honestly I hadn't placed the finishing touches on it yet. I really hope she's going to be alright with all the stress she's been under and all. Which gives me a great idea for an invention! Well time to get inventin'
22nd-Jul-2006 02:37 pm - The Start of Something New
Yeah I know. Cheesy High School Musical rip-off. Anyways, since WAF is closed, this journal is for animevivi's nosweetmusic Character Journal for Miyuki Itsumi! All previous journal entries will not be erased, but I'm just making a small note that all future entries after this will be for nosweetmusic. Bye everyone!
7th-Jun-2006 02:24 pm - Whoops
Well I met Shion yesterday at the Foundation. And... umm... I kinda set a tree on fire in the Park ^^;;; It's always so fun to visit with Shion. I hope we can do it again sometime!
29th-May-2006 03:03 pm - Eh Heh ^^;;;
eh heh
Wow I kinda died for a while huh? Eh heh... heh... Anyways I'm back YAY! ^ - ^

So... how's everyone been?
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